Estate Planning

Estate Planning Lawyer in WI

If you want to ensure that your affairs are in order before you pass away, you need to consider estate planning law. At Kubasta Bickford & Lorenson, S.C., in WI, we can help you maximize the amount you pass on to your heirs. Contact us to make the most of your estate plan.

Set Your Heirs Up for Success

Taxes and a number of other laws apply to most aspects of estate planning law, but we can make sure your heirs get what you want them to. Whether your inheritance is going to a charity or being split between family members, we can ensure everything is in place before your death.

At Kubasta Bickford & Lorenson, S.C., we have been serving our community for more than 60 years. This longevity gives us the experience we need to help you make plans that will stand the test of time, but we also stay up-to-date on the latest in estate law. We know what the trends are and we follow the current laws, giving us an edge in estate planning.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll have you meet with an experienced estate planning lawyer to collect the details of what you have in mind for your heirs. We can work through those plans and craft a document that will help ensure that your estate won’t needlessly go into probate due to a dispute over your will.

Whether you have a contentious family or you simply want to make sure that everything is clear, we will use precise legal language to ensure that nothing is up for debate. We will work hard to ensure there are no questions, but in case something does come up after your death, we will fight to make sure your wishes are carried out as you meant them to be.

To learn more about what we can offer you, call our office at (920) 787-3375.