Firm History

The law offices of Kubasta, Bickford, & Lorenson are proud to share in the rich history of Wautoma.  The law firm dates back to 1894, originating with Edward Frances Kileen.  In 1894, Kileen, a senior law student at Madison, was elected Waushara County District Attorney.  That position brought him to Wautoma, where he opened the E.F. Kileen Law Office on South Saint Marie Street.  The law office has undergone many changes and expansions since then but still remains in the original location.

In addition to being District Attorney and operating his private law practice, Kileen served as Village President, School Board Clerk, and State Senator.  Kileen was also instrumental in the building of the Waushara County Normal School and the all-concrete highway between Plainfield and Aurora.  He was offered a judicial position in his later years but declined for health reasons.  Kileen’s youngest son, Earl, joined the practice in 1933, forming the Law Office of Kileen and Kileen.  Earl Kileen also held the position of Waushara County District Attorney.

Upon Earl’s death in 1963, Joseph Hacker took over the practice, changing the name to Hacker Law Office.  In 1966, Hacker hired Jon P. Wilcox and the firm became Hacker and Wilcox.  Hacker’s death in 1968 left the firm in Wilcox’s hands.

The practice grew with the addition of Tom Kubasta in 1968 and Richard J. Rathjen in 1969.  During the Vietnam War, Kubasta and Rathjen each left the office for approximately two years to serve their country, after which they returned to the firm.

1979 brought more changes with the election of Wilcox as Waushara County Circuit Court Judge and the addition to the firm of Lewis Murach.  Judge Wilcox went on to become a Justice for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  After 14 years with the firm, Murach left to replace Wilcox as Waushara County Circuit Court Judge.

Further additions to the firm include Richard J. Dufour in 1982 and Marc A. Bickford in 1983.  After 10 years, Dufour left the firm to become Marquette County District Attorney.

The most recent partner, Thomas A. Lorenson, joined the firm in 1998.

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